The Alcyon Center - A Spiritual Life Center on Mount Desert Island, Maine

Welcome to early winter at our small, year-round spiritual life training center on a quiet tidal cove that is alive with surprises and sights and the challenging presence of silence.  Our 2018 programs will be available on-line by late January--sign up for our newsletter to get the news.

And so, with the sun just beginning to return, we ponder this winterly wisdom:

" The sun, our warm candle, lies wrapped in an icy sky and a cold manger cradles an eye-shining babe, all causing E.E. Cummings to write that it seemed one night as if the world had "spiraled ecstatically" out of control.  Now, as time presses home, it is time for heart talk.  As Madeleine L'Engle wrote, this time is an "irrational season"-- that is, we are open to higher forms of knowing.  Unlike the wide casting yellow sun of summer, the winter sun burns with cool intensity, a white flame against the snow, a light that circles round any baby's face.  The sun sets early, and as if to compensate, green light shines of our cedars and pines, while yellow lichen stipples gray stone."

--from Marv and Nancy Hiles, An Almanac for the Soul

We look forward to hearing from you, and send blessings from the ever-changing Seal Cove,

Kathryn Booth and Joan Jordan Grant, directors


The Alcyon Center is an experience of being welcomed, body, soul and spirit into the life of a small, practicing contemplative community.

The vision for the Center is rooted in a desire for bold and practical ways to meet the spiritual hunger of our times.